Bizarte Beagles- KC Assured and Licensed - Fabulous beagles of distinction for Quality Pet or Show
Charterwood Foxglove at Bizarte. The Love is mutual.
 You can e-mail me with your questions and we will be only to happy to help or suggest in any way guides to keeping your dog.Remember A Beagle is for life!Like Arabian horses Once they are in your Blood you are hooked!No other breed is quite the same!They enrich your life and give you purpose,are full of fun and great companions,each one a joy to own,rich in character,charm and great on meeting new folks,we never walk far without someone stopping to admire our Beagles even as far west as Exmoor.Our Beagles come on holiday,keep us fit walking,fill the space in front of the Log-burner and there is never a dull moment.Sometimes they can be frustrating (my best sling-backs between their teeth),tiring,time-comsuming, but always fulfilling,rewarding,funny sometimes hilarious,loving,BLISS!