Bizarte Beagles- KC Assured and Licensed - Fabulous beagles of distinction for Quality Pet or Show
Its all about unconditional LOVE! 
  Only buy a Beagle from a legitimate breeder.Go on the Kennel Club Site and search for a good breeder on line.Ask to see the mother and the father of the puppy or at the least the mother.This will give some of a guide to eventual size and temperement.
 Make sure all the paperwork is genuine.
You  should receive pedigree,KC Registration Vacc.Doc,Contract, worming record.
DO not buy a pup because you feel sorry for it if you have visited a place where the breeding or facilities are not appropiate.i.e. off the internet - unless they have their own site,where there may be unscrupulous breeding (puppy farms).
ONLY by not purchasing from these premises will it STOP,all the time they get money it will continue.Only visit genuine Beagle breeders who comply with the KC,are happy to show you all the above and you may  ask as many ?'s as you like and are happy with the answers,a good Breeder will always accomodate you. -----------
 The Beagle first had reference to it around the 14th century!They are enthusiastic,energetic but placid and quite tolerant.Training must begin early as a deep seated instinct to hunt can mean selective hearing when calling to come to you!This hound is not noisy but bays when excited and they are good at protecting your home from strangers as they will give voice when the front door is knocked.Grooming is low maintenance,nails must be trimmed so handling is part of good training,life expectancy is around 14 years.Exercise is moderate and should be regular,the Beagle will adapt to most households and family life.He likes to be included as a member of the family,not left to his own devices.Toys and his own space (a crate or laundry room) somewhere he can relax without fear of being in the wrong place ie The Bedroom,(do not sleep with your Beagle-your relationship will suffer with your husband and your slippers  will be at high risk of being destroyed!)Buy only doggy toys such as tough chewable non harming hard rubber such as the Red or Black Kong's which you can place biscuit type treats in or the Nylabone strong chews, because a Beagle will eat or destroy into shreds your best trainers,handbag,socks,tv control,hard back books etc etc the list is endless!He will know that his place is a space to go and sleep or chill out,ie when you need to go out as long as he has access to the garden or a wee mat.When you get your new puppy home he is like all pups (a new baby)he needs-----------------------------------------------------------(1) Nurturing,feeding,warmth,cuddles,play,sleep,toys,his or her own space as suggested,wee/pooh mats.A puppy cannot control his waterworks or other until about six months old.If you train onto an especially scented mat available from good pet stores then your best Axminster will not suffer.These mats are a godsend and your pup will soon learn the art of circling in readiness to leave you a deposit!Kitchen roll left near the scene of the crime is also essential.Your pup will GO! about four times a day and wee much more frequently,just like a baby usually after feeding,as soon as the weather is clement introduce the outside world as long as the injections are completed,remember Rats carry diseases into your garden which could infect your new pup unless protected.Sorry to emphasise on this matter (pun) but what goes in must come out,keep some Odour control in your cupboard but do remember the Beagle's sense of smell is 10,000 times better than ours! (2)Your pup must know You are Top Dog,be firm but fair,do not Smack your pup,it will understand the word No if spoken strongly but not straight away,enforce that you mean what you say and remove the pup from the thing/object and excite him/her with their own toy,distract.Beagles are highly intelligent,can be crafty (hound) but always loving,friendly and non-agressive,a 'bad-un' shows bad ownership,management,and no routine.Remember Do Not consider a puppy if you have no patience,sense of humour,high expectations,are house-proud,work full-time,have kids that need to get places,(Beagles need company),are allergic,hate dog hairs on the sofa,teeth marks on the furniture,your husband gets jealous,(your Beagle will want to sit between you!)Basically you must be able to spend time with you dog,training,talking,LOVING.You Make The Dog You Get!   (3) --------- Food---- We feed a dry Puppy food  when they are puppies from and during weaning and before,but then move on to RAW.We find the Beagles all do well on it, including the older puppies. We wean onto kibble about three to four weeks introducing it along with their mum's milk and fresh water.I dampen the food even now with warm water to help protect their kidneys as it is vital enough water is drunk for a healthy system.I have tried other foods but find nothing matches up to raw.All the coats are shiny,optimum growth and satisfaction.Non-messy and they love it especially duck ( I wonder why!).Less waste both ends! (4)---- Medicinal products- such as worming preps,Front-line and such like can be purchased at your vets but I use a company called Hyperdrug who also have a web site.They will forward  a catalogue if you prefer and they  are cheap,reliable and prompt,excellant customer service which we ourselves aim to achieve.All the toys,bedding,harnesses ( prefered to leads),shampoo, in fact anything canine,equine,feline or if you have feathered friends have a look! (5) Legally your dog must wear a collar and tag with your name,telephone no. and address on even if he/she is microchipped.IT IS THE LAW, and there is a heavy fine if the dog warden should note yours is not done.This must be for identification of the owner.I use a company called Collars and Tags and you can order on line.I also have engraved that the dog is microchipped in case of straying etc.(6)BEDTIME-ok Beagle puppies are very cuddly and smell sweet but do not sleep with them!You will need your sleep to cope in the day and so do they.As long as puppy has been fed,watered,has pooped,wee-d,is snug,no draughts then place in cage or safe pen with a few safe toys,something cuddly and turn the light out,A few whimpers may be heard but if your pup has had an evening Farleys rusk in warm milk,a little play and is tired he will soon settle.We always use vet-bed as it is safe,warm,can be washed and dried quickly and is cosy.Place flat over paper or in a plastic dog bed.If you have bought a large plastic bed for longevity buy a cat padded bed/or kitten bed and place this within for snuggability!An old towel or a baby sucky cloth from (mothercare) is a good idea as puppy will like to Na Na and suck the corners for comfort.Obviously he will wee on the bed but vet-bed stays dry on the surface so puppy will not suffer.Plenty of kitchen roll around the house will mop up little puddles.Remember Your sense of humour and patience at this time.In the morning he will want to get out and do what he has to do,then have breakfast.(7) Playtime can be fun with interaction from you and his toys,fresh air in a safe garden if it is warm and dry for fifteen or so minutes coming in as he wishes,he will be nervous and will not like a shut door and he will look to you for security is there is a loud noise or a scary object until he feels more secure.